About me

My name is Rebecca Proschek. I now live in the Baden area but grew up in Australia. As an already fully qualified Midwife, I moved with my Austrian husband to my new home and began working in the delivery suite. Nowadays, with two teenage daughters, I am privileged that alongside being a mother I can offer my services as a self-employed midwife.

Portrait von Rebecca Proschek


I believe, for parents and those to be, pregnancy, birth and the postnatal period are special times with very specific needs. With my professional expertise as a midwife we can work together, so you can make the best decisions in these new situations. In my opinion, for an optimal working relationship, we need to build trust, respect one another, and take adequate time.


Additional Qualifications

Midwife consultation in the Mother-Child-Booklet

The appointment must be attended between the 18 and the 22 weeks of pregnancy. We will speak for an hour about fundamental topics relating to pregnancy.

Antenatal midwifery appointment

Pregnancy advice, support, education and more ... on a one to one basis.

Childbirth and parenting classes

Those who are well prepared are more relaxed as they enter the birthing process and can be more actively involved. For most people, being well informed is the key.

Postnatal Care from a midwife

During the postnatal period, every woman is eligible for personal, professional care from a midwife. This is irrelevant of where, how, and when her baby was born.

Breastfeeding und nutritional advice

Breastmilk is the natural nutrition for babies and is optimised to provide for their many developmental needs.

A good start to breastfeeding is fundamental in developing a satisfying breastfeeding relationship.

Pelvic floor- make it fit 

The pelvic floor belongs to a group of muscles commonly called the core muscles. It plays a central role in maintaining a healthy body.